Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4
Year 7 - Study of Religions Focuses on 3-4 different religions covering both Eastern and Western influences, investigating different beliefs and practices and how they impact religious believers’ lives. Opportunities to understand and appreciate different groups of people living in society and compare to own opinions
Topic 1- Judaism Baseline Test/ Intro to Judaism Abraham and Isaac Moses Passover Synagogue Torah Shabbat Kosher food Hanukkah Topic 2- Christianity Christian denominations Parables Miracles Holy Week Baptism Church Role of Church in the local community Response to poverty and charity
Topic 3 – Hinduism The caste system Hindu Gods and goddesses Reincarnation Yoga Puja Diwali/ Ramayana Marriage Topic 4 – Buddhism Life of the Buddha Four Noble Truths Eightfold Path Other beliefs Monastic life even wonders of the Buddhist world Festivals
Year 8 – Philosophy and Ethics Focuses on arguments used to prove and disprove the existence of God and topics linked to making moral decisions and interacting with other groups of people living in society. There is also a unit based on religious art to encourage a more practical approach to understanding different religious practices and the mediums they use. Opportunities to understand and appreciate different viewpoints and compare to own opinions. Links to real life events e.g. Miracle of Stairway B – 9/11 [Miracles]; Natural disasters [Thailand Tsunami for evil and suffering]; Rwandan Genocide [for Prejudice and discrimination]
Topic 1- Miracles Mysteries, Magic and Miracles Modern miracles Miracle of Stairway B God, Humans and Miracles Miracles from Scripture Are miracles real or not Topic 2- Evil and Suffering Types of suffering Problems of evil and suffering Moral evil case studies Natural evil – The Impossible The nature of evil Purpose of Suffering Religious explanations and responses
Topic 3- Prejudice and Discrimination Definitions and reasons for prejudice and discrimination Types of prejudice Homophobia Muslims in Britain Religion and prejudice Civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Hotel Rwanda Rwandan Genocide Topic 4 – Art and Expression Religion and art Islamic calligraphy Religious architecture Golden temple Amritsar Religion and the media Religion and music
Year 9 – CORE RE – Moral and Cultural Issues Students are given the opportunity to investigate moral and cultural issues that link to other subjects they may have chosen at GCSE and encourage wider thinking of topics that will affect them personally. All are encouraged to consider their own viewpoints, recognise similarities and differences between religious and non religious opinions on all moral and cultural topics.
Topic 1 – Matters of Life Religion and Morality When does life begin? Fertility treatment [inc. A.I] Surrogacy Genetic engineering and embryology Saviour siblings and designer babies Religious views on use of embryos Cloning Transplant surgery and blood transfusion Topic 2 - Multiculturalism The history of immigration into Britain The reasons why Britain is multicultural Advantages and disadvantages of multiculturalism Asylum Seekers Immigration State Religion and Blasphemy Religion and politics Religious festivals
Topic 3 - Identity Meaning and purpose of life Self image British values Symbolism and dress Initiation ceremonies Healthy living and sacred writings Topic 4 - Animals Animals, humans and religious beliefs Animal rights Wild animals Useful animals Animals for food Animals in sport The fur and ivory trades Animal experiments
Homework - for all KS3 groups Students receive research tasks to embed or extend knowledge on the topics covered. They may also be required to complete extended writing tasks or create practical projects to explain core beliefs and practices. Revision and spelling/definition tasks are also provided to secure knowledge and links to peer and self assessment tasks within lessons Assessments - for all KS3 groups An end of unit test is provided at the end of each topic with a variety of different styled questions ranging from matching key terms and definitions to extended writing evaluation questions. There are also short revision and recap quizzes at various points within each scheme of work to check knowledge throughout the year.
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Year 11 – Religion and Morality/ Religion and Citizenship [old AQA spec] Focuses on moral issues based on the AQA B Religion and Morality unit for current year 11 and the AQA B Religion and Citizenship unit from year 10 last year Religion and Citizenship [Year 10 2015-2016]
Topic 1 - Relationships Intro to Relationships Changes in Attitudes Sex before Marriage Purpose of Character Religious Wedding Ceremonies Forced Marriage Moonies Alternatives to Marriage Parenting and Family Parenting and Religious Views Contraception Contraception and religious views Adultery Divorce Topic 2 - Multicultural Society History of Immigration Living in Multicultural Britain Is Britain Racist Doc Advantages and Disadvantages of multiculturalism London Asylum seekers Immigration State religion and blasphemy Religion and Politics Faith Communities and projects Religious Festivals
Topic 3 - Human Rights Human Rights declaration Rights and responsibility Human Rights abuses/issues Religious views on law and human rights Children's Rights Forms of Protest Religions and protests Amnesty International Pressure groups Religious Campaigners Topic 4 - Sport Stress Types of purpose and leisure Benefits of leisure Skill and ability Misuse of Leisure Religion and sport Sport and holy days Morality in Sport PED's Devotion of sports fans Is sport the new religion Religion working through sport Sponsorship Gender differences Paralympics
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Religion and Morality [Year 11 2016-2017]
Topic 1 - Matters of Life Religion and Morality Why is life special? When does life begin? Fertility Treatment Surrogacy Artificial Insemination Transplant Surgery and blood transfusion Genetic engineering and embryology Saviour Siblings and designer babies Religious views on genetic engineering Cloning Human animal hybrids Topic 2 - Matters of Death What is death? Belief in the afterlife Attitudes to the elderly Care options Religious views on the elderly Should we be able to take life Types of Euthanasia Euthanasia debate Short stay in Switzerland Religious views on Euthanasia Keeping people alive The Hospice movement
Topic 3 - Drugs Intro to Drugs Rights and responsibilities (religous views) Drugs and the Law/Classification of Drugs Reclassification of cannabis Social Drugs Reasons for and against using drugs Drug addicts and rehab Religious views on helping addicts Topic 4 - Crime and Punishment Religious views on law. Causes of crime Types of Crime Religious offences Aims of Punishment Religious responses to aims of punishment. Young offenders Prison Capital Punishment Forms of Punishment Parole and reform
New AQA Spec for Sept 2016 Onwards [current year 9 and 10] Year 9-10 – Thematic Studies Focuses on philosophical, moral and ethical issues and considers two religious views [also covered in the Study of religion course for Year 11 Sept 2017] and non religious views
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