Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4 - Mathematics
Key Stage 4 - Further Mathematics
KS3 Mathematics Course Overview: the following sections will be covered at KS3. Understand and recognise place value (decimal and other bases) and how it links to arithmetic and other concepts in Maths, including number bonds, negative numbers and using simple scales. Perform four arithmetic operations using traditional written and mental methods, including reliable recall of times tables up to 15 times tables and working with decimal numbers. Understand that fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios are all ways of expressing numbers, convert between them at will, and use all forms to perform appropriate proportional change. Can perform perimeter area & volume calculations. Understand and algebraic notation, representing unknowns and variables with letters. Understand that sequences can be represented by a sequence of numbers, equations or graphs. Can perform angle calculations. Internal Assessment: Pupils will be assessed three times during the year on work covered up to that point. There will be an opportunity for a retest if sufficient progress has not been made. In September and June pupils will also sit the GL assessment, a national assessment to monitor progress during the year.
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KS4 Mathematics Course Title: GCSE Mathematics Grading: 1 - 9 Course Overview: Number Algebra Ratio, proportion and rates of change. Geometry and measures Probability Statistics External Assessment: 3 x 1hr30 examinations in summer of Year 11 – 2 calculator, 1 non calculator. Internal Assessment: Pupils will sit three assessments a year, one in each 13 week cycle, and will have at least one formal examination each year.
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KS4 Mathematics Course Title: Certificate in Further Maths Grading: C – A* Course Overview: Studied from Easter of Year 10 outside normal lessons. Areas covered are: Algebra Geometry Calculus Matrices Trigonometry Functions Graphs. External Assessment: 2 x 1hr 30mins exams in summer of Year 11. Internal Assessment: Work will be regularly assessed in class to check progress over time.
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