What do I need to study this course? Previous study of History is extremely useful. History is for students with an enquiring mind who enjoy analysing different viewpoints of the past and can construct logical, well supported arguments. Due to the nature of the examination, History is not for students who do not like essay writing or analysing source material. What does the course involve? AS History In Unit 1 you will study carry out a depth study of one period of British history. You will explore source material to develop an in-depth understanding of the attitudes, beliefs and structures of the societies studied. You will study: the Tudors, from Henry VII to Elizabeth I. This will involve looking at the entire Tudor period examining the changes brought in by these monarchs, the problems they faced and their successes, or lack thereof. For the AS you will study Henry VII and Henry VIII. In year 13 you will go onto Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth I. The skills needed for the study of History will remain the same. History develops skills for university and work – putting forward a point of view and supporting it with evidence; weighing up the strengths and weaknesses of an argument; identifying the causes and consequences of events; and communicating effectively. A curiosity and commitment to learning about the past are also essential to successfully studying A-Level History. In Unit 2 you will study carry out a depth study of a period, and will gain a firm understanding of key issues, problems and debates associated with it. You will be studying: Democracy and Nazism: Germany 1918-45. For the AS this will involve looking at Weimar Germany, the end of World War One and how Germany coped with this loss. We will study the struggles faced by the new democracy and the attempts by various groups to challenge the new state. We will examine how the Nazis grew and the circumstances which allowed them to flourish. Students will be able and be handed power. You will also begin to work on your coursework option. This will involve researching and writing a 4000 word essay on a topic of your choice. You will be sourcing your own primary sources, interrogating these and then incorporating them into your answer. This will be your chance to write History for yourself. What next? A-level History complements most Arts subjects and combining Arts and Sciences is actually encouraged by universities. A good pass at A-Level is acceptable for entry to most Arts degree courses including Law.
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