KS5 Physical Education

KS5 Physical Education

Course Title: A-Level Physical Education (AQA Specification)

Grading: A*- U

Course Overview:

AS Level Physical Education (Year 1)

  • Anatomy and Physiology and Practical Performance
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Contemporary Issues in Sport

This is the first half of the A level course.  It is a stepping-stone to the full A-Level qualification. You can take just the AS on its own if you and your teacher agree that this is the best for your or you can progress onto the full A-Level qualification. The AS consists of two units of assessment and will have one written exam and practical performance in two roles – Coach, Official or Performer.

A2 Level Physical Education (Year 2)

  • Applied Physiology to Optimise Sports Performance
  • Psychological Aspects that Optimise Performance
  • Evaluating Contemporary Influences in Sport

A-Level The full A-Level qualification is made up of the AS units plus two more units which are studied at a higher level.  If you do decide to take the second half of the course it will cover the two units, that follow on from AS, you will be required to undertake one role in the practical part of the course accompanied by a written piece of work analysing your performance.

External Assessment

  • Each lesson you will be formatively assessed on what was learned in the previous lesson (glossary testing)
  • You will undertake exams at the end of each ½ term.
  • Your AS exam will be in May of the first year. This will contribute 50% of your final A-Level mark.
  • Your A2 exam will be at the end of Y13

Internal Assessment:

  • Students will be expected to answer a ‘15 mark’ question every 3 lessons which will be scrutinised by staff (purple) and amended by students (green) to demonstrate progress.
  • The use of teacher model answers will be a more frequent part of each and every lesson to guide students towards demonstrating a more effective exam question answering technique.
  • Homework – Independent H/W tasks will be expected to be completed after every lesson by every student which will give them the opportunity to demonstrate their learning outside the classroom. Their progress outside the classroom will be tracked online via the ‘My PE Exam’ app/site.

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